We provide designing services in Poland and abroad. Our designs are frequently based on individual requirements and always approved by the general contractor of an investment project.
The documentation always complies with appropriate regulations, standards and UDT (Technical Supervision Office) requirements. We prepare documentation for pressure vessels in accordance with European Council Directive 97/23/CE, dated 29th May 1997 (pressure Equipment Directive). Our products are designed in materials complying with following standards PN ,EN, ISO, DIN, ANSI and ASME and in accordance with individual needs of the Customers. We design and produce pressure vessels, non-pressure vessels, double jacketed tanks and others of steel in black condition, stainless and acid-resistant steel.
For creating the designs and technical drawings we use most modern software: CAD 2D and CAD 3D.
We are able to create replacement documentation of vertical and horizontal welded steel tanks. The documentation is prepared in Polish , English, and in other languages after prior agreement. The documentation is prepared by a Team of designers and constructors with many years of experience and practice.