BEPIS Industry Vegetable oils processing

Vegetable oils processing

A great deal of experience in the production of tanks made of both black steel and stainless steel allows us to produce tanks for oil processing industry. These include among others:

  • Oil tanks,
  • Oil tanks with mixers,
  • Tanks for transitional storage of oils up to 30 m3,
  • Tanks for gums,
  • Crystallizers – up to 30 m3 – tanks with coils and mixers.

Devices for vegetable oil degumming:

  • Transitional tanks,
  • Heat exchangers.

Additionally, technological installations for oil processing use tanks in the water treatment:

  • Pressure filters,
  • Utility water tank,
  • Hot water reservoirs,
  • Buffer reservoirs,

We invite to the co-operation.

The BEPIS S.A. team