TheNon-ferrous Metals Company BOBREK (Przedsiębiorstwo Metali Nieżelaznych BOBREK) is a registered partnership. PMN BOBREK is an enterprise fully owned by private partners. The owners possess a long-term experience in aluminium recycling and cast alloy production. We built our enterprise from scratch in 1998, to achieve over time a leading position in the industry of aluminium alloy production. At present, we employ more than 200 employees all of whom possess the required skills and qualifications. We also continually endeavour to enhance their qualifications, because we are aware that this is the only way to achieve a continuous improvement of our products and their quality. Our business is focused on the production of cast alloys of aluminium.

We regard continual upgrades of our assets and development of our enterprise as a key to success. Recently, we made significant capital expenditures aimed at improving the quality of our products. We operate a state-of-the-art production control laboratory equipped with ARL-branded spectrometers of the newest generation. We complete there gas content analyses and quantitative assessments of liquid metal purity as well as metallurgical analyses. We also operate state-of-the-art production lines equipped with refining chambers with FOSECO spinning nozzles and box’s with DRACHE foam filters. We have constructed a top-quality process line based on STEINERT equipment and ZPF-type systems, used to dry, magnetically separate and melt Al alloy chips generated in machining processes. Considering the environmental protection requirements, we have equipped each production line with individual high-efficiency flue gas filtration, neutralization and dust removal systems.

In 2013, we commissioned a modern production plant no. 2 in Praszka. The Al liquid alloys manufactured there are delivered directly to the production lines of NEAPCO EUROPE. The Praszka Branch is a model example of outsourcing and is indicative of our future development areas.

We completed the implementation process of our quality system based on ISO TS 16949:2009 and obtained a certificate approving our quality system in July 2014. Compliance of our quality management system with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949 Technical Specification was certified and is supervised by Lloyd’s Register LRQA.

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