BEPIS Industry Refrigeration


Our company specialises in the production of tanks and devices for the refrigeration industry. This is proven by many years of cooperation with the largest Polish and European companies. Our tanks are approved by UDT and guarantee very high quality. Tanks produced for refrigeration include:

  • Horizontal liquid separators POC,
  • Lying ammonia tanks,
  • Intercoolers with coils,
  • Ammonia vaporizers,
  • Drying tanks,
  • Economizers,
  • Steam separators,
  • Oil separators,
  • Thermosiphon tanks,
  • Oil tanks,
  • Buffer tanks,
  • Chilled water storage tanks,
  • Glycol tanks,
  • Oil traps,
  • Shell and tube exchangers,
  • Shell and tube condensers.

Other equipment that we are able to produce on client order:

  • Chillers

We invite to the co-operation.

The BEPIS S.A. team