BEPIS Quality Quality policy

Quality policy

The Quality policy, as presented below, is focused on the needs of our Customers and therefore strengthens the market position of our company with respect to production of tanks dedicated for water, steam, compressed air and central heating installations, cooling installations, gas and oil installations; steel tubular heaters, elements for air conditioning, ventilation and dedusting equipment sold on domestic and foreign market. Main aspects of the Quality Policy:

Fulfilment of the Customers’ needs

Observing the requirements of standards and legal regulations

Continuous improvement of the quality management system

Realisation of the above mentioned aspects is ensured by means of:

  •  Planning of material procurement, appropriate warehouse logistics, production amd control management,
  • Ensuring competitiveness thanks to optimization of production costs and investing in modern equipment and technologies,
  • maintaining partner relations with subsuppliers and the qualification process of subsuppliers that guarantees best quality of delivered products and provided services,
  •  Applying only qualified production technologies,
  • Continuous improvement of the employees’ qualifications.

The quality policy, as described above, gives us guidelines to determine our goals and tasks concerning quality improvement.

Our company is bound to provide means and resources to ensure, maintain and improve the implemented Quality Policy.

At the same time we make sure that the Quality Policy is publicly available and understandable and has been communicated to all employees. We also make sure that the Quality Policy is systematically reviewed and verified with respect to its usefulness. The Board of Bepis S.A. is responsible for realisation of the Quality Policy.