BEPIS Technology Coiling and bending

Coiling and bending

Shaping of plates, shapes and pipes is carried out on such equipment as triple roll coiler, profiles and pipes coilers and hydraulic presses. We also own coiling machines for shapes and pipes and coiling various jackets and cones. We also have equipment for precision coiling. Below a description of available options.
Coiler for plates of max. dimensions:
-width 3000 mm and thickness 16mm, minimal coiling diameter 900 mm.
The above data is valid for the material of Rm=400 N/mm2.
Minimal coiling diameter is approximately 1,2 x upper roll diameter, depending on material thickness and grade and number of passes.
Edge press:
-press force 160 ton
– max length of bending: 3100 mm for steel in black condition S265, up to 8mm thick
Eccentric presses:
-press force 100 tons
-press force 160 tons
Hydraulic coiler with following bending options:

Description Cross-section Minimal diameter*
Flat bar – thickness  90×15 mm 1500 mm
Flat bar on easier side  120×30 mm  800 mm
Square bar  50 mm  600 mm
Round bar  60 mm  600 mm
Round tube Ø 88,9×3 mm  1800 mm
Rectangular tube  90×10 mm  1000 mm
Square tube  70x70x4 mm  1000 mm
External angle section 80×10 mm  1800 mm
Internal angle section 70×9 mm 1000 mm
T-bar 80×9 mm 1300 mm
C-bar (easy side)  120 mm 1000 m
IPE (easy side)  120 mm 1200 mm

*The minimal diameters indicated in the chart are for information purpose only, any smaller diameter may be possible with several additional passes