Plain tubular steel heaters GS and GP





Plain tubular heaters are used in central heating installations with water temperature up to 1800°C and working water pressure up to 1,0MPa or steam pressure up to 1,0MPa in housing and industrial facilities


GS-2/L/20 – horizontal double row heater with conduit tees ¾”

GS-3/L/20 – horizontal triple row heater with conduit tees ¾”

GS-4/L/20 –  horizontal quadruple heater with conduit tees

GP-1/L/20 – horizontal single row heater conduit tees ¾”

GP-2/L/20 – horizontal double row heater with conduit tee

Letter „L” designates length of the heater in meters.


Plain tubular steel heaters are made of pipes of four different diameters:

DN40 – Ø48.3×3.2

DN50 – Ø60.3×3.2

DN65 – Ø76.1×3.6

DN80 – Ø88.9×3.6

Painting: External surfaces are coated with a primer, resistant to temperature up to  2000C

Order example

Plain tubular steel heater DN80 (Ø88.9×3.6), double row, length L=5,0m with conduit tees ¾”

GS-2/5,0/20 DN80


S\As a standard we produce the heaters as welded steel pipes, on demand the pipes may be seamless..